October 24, 2005

The Eye and the Wolf

Ashley and I had a pretty lazy weekend. We are both very busy with grad program stuff, so we spent a bit of time trying to be productive. We did make a trip to the local pumpkin patch (the only one we have found in Colorado). Unlike last year, we had good luck finding quality pumpkins that were still attached to the vine. Some of us, not to mention any names, found this detaching aspect quite exhilerating as well as a bit challanging. I've attached a couple pictures of the final product of Saturday's artistic expressions. Ashley is the proud owner and creator of "Wolfie", so I guess I have to claim responsibility for the eyeball. The eyeball was inspired by Keith's halloween costume two years ago. Keep in mind that the eye is an artistic expression, not meant to be a completely realistic interpretation of the eyeball of any particular creature.


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Keith said...

Dude, turn on word verification for your blog and computers cant leave stupid comments like the one above.

I really came in here to tell you that your eyeball freakin kicks ass!

Ian said...

yea man, thats good stuff. The one thing I will admit is I copied the approximate design of my pumpkin from a photo I saw on the web. nice work.