November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Pics

Kitty in the Family Room

Wes and Taylor by the Snake River during Frisbee Golf

More frisbee

Wes and Michelle in front of their house

Thanksgiving Break

Phase I - Idaho Falls
Ashley and I left Wednesday morning for Idaho Falls to visit Wes and Michelle for Thanksgiving. We made the drive of 575 miles in just under 9 hours. We cut across Wyoming on highway 191, which I'd never been on before. 191 runs north-south and holds the Wind River Range to the east for about a 100 mile stretch. The long chain of uninterrupted peaks was an unusual and spectacular site. The weather was ideal all the way there.

It was great to see Wes and Michelle and their first home. They've lived there almost a year. I'm compelled to mention their hyperactive and mentally challenged dog, Taylor, and their incessantly purring cat, which loved sleeping on Ashley's head. On Thanksgiving we all went to play frisbee golf at the local park while Michelle stayed home and tended the oven. Frisbee was fun and the dog never once tried to pick up a frisbee or otherwise alter someone's lie. I later found out that he wouldn't catch the frisbee if you threw it at his head. I tried this many times. Michelle's hard work in the kitchen was worth it. Her first attempt at cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner by herself went perfectly. All the food was great and we had 4 pies to wash it down with.

The next day we went hiking in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. The highlight was seeing a moose at about 100 yards. Wes didn't have his gun to protect us, but we miraculously survived this encounter unscathed. That night it began snowing in town, just in time to cover the roads with snow and ice for out departure.

Phase II - Alta
We left Idaho Falls Saturday morning for Alta, Utah (kind of on the way home if you stick to the interstate). The roads were a little snowy, but we didn't run into any problems and only saw one minor accident. We arrived in Alta midafternoon and waited for Jane to get off work. Jane is our friend from college who is currently working at Alta. After several beers and some buffalo burgers, and some more beers, we called it a night. It snowed about a foot during the day we arrived and 8" that night. As a consequence, we had to ski the next day before driving back to Boulder.

I think this was the first time I've skied two feet of powder that fell at a temperature of near zero degrees, unusually cold even for the Wasatch Mountains. Long story short, there's a lot wrong with Utah, but the mountains and snow beat Colorado.

Phase III - The Tortuous Drive Home
Ashley and I began our drive home at 1:00 pm. Upon entering Wyoming on I-80, we started seeing signs regarding the road being closed. I told Ashley I thought they were kidding and we kept going. 150 miles later, there was a gate across the road with three cop cars guarding it. We stopped at the local truck stop with hundreds of other travelers to wait indefinitely until the road was reopened. The consensus seemed to be that it would reopen in the morning since it was already dark out. Some people we talked to had been there for 4 hours already. 20 minutes after arriving, the road opened and we got in the middle of a 20mph procession of a few thousand vehicles. It's faster to go 90 miles at 80 mph than to go that same distance at 20mph. A few hours later we made it to Laramie. From there it was windy but the roads were clear the rest of the way home. We got home at 11:00, 10 hours after leaving Alta, Utah.

November 21, 2005

Random Weedend

Nothing too exciting to report. Ashley and I went skate skiing on Sunday for about an hour and a half. I did pretty good for the first half hour and then Ashley started skiing circles around me because I apparently wasn't going fast enough. Most of the rest of the weekend was spent getting ready to visit Wes and Michelle in Idaho, as we leave on Wednesday morning.

Ashley won't stop bugging me about going to see the new Harry Potter movie. I told her I wouldn't go because I haven't seen the first three movies or read any of the books, so jumping in to the fourth part of the series would be pointless. Ashley, being as smart as she is, decided that this was a problem that could be fixed. After a short trip to the video store, I found myself learning all about wizards and muguls (moguls?) I looked hard, but couldn't find any hobbits. I'd wager that before too long I'll find myself in a movie theater watching some more wizardry.

November 18, 2005

Eldora Opens

Today was the first day of the season at Eldora, the local ski area. From 9 to 11 I made turns in about a foot of super light powder. Oh, yea, it was a totally bluebird day too. Now that I skied out all the best lines, I'm back in the office for a solid days work. It's nice living so close to a chair lift. For those of you who aren't so lucky, I'll try to make some extra turns this season and dedicate them to you.

November 17, 2005

Crazy Climber Guy

Many of the people who look at my site have probably already seen this, but for those of you who haven't, it's worth a look. Click the link to see an insane speed solo climb of Lover's Leap in California.

November 06, 2005

New Knee - Operational

Ashley and I went hiking in the Indian Peaks Wilderness today(Brainard Lake area for those who are familiar). I brought my skis, but figured there wouldn't be enough snow to ever put them on. After ramming a couple snow drifts on the road on the way to the parking area, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of snow covering the ground. Ashley snowshoed and I skinned up a few miles before turning around. The mountains were beautiful (see pictures), the snow was thin, and the wind was howling. Being from the Pacific Northwest, these three things are how I describe Colorado skiing throughout the year, and today was no exception. I attached a video of my first couple of turns since my knee surgery last March. It's nothing to brag about, but I was skiing again! First Turns on the New Knee And yes, mom, I got my new knee brace earlier this week and was sporting it for the first time during this outing.

November 01, 2005

Gummy Bear and Saucer Boy

This last weekend was almost completely wasted away working on my thesis project. I did manage to escape on Friday night to go to a halloween party with Ashley and some of her friends. I've attached a couple pictures below with relevant explanations.

A modified Saucer Boy scoping out the scene. For those who don't know, Saucer Boy is a wild and crazy character played by Shane McConkey in my favorite ski movies.

Ashley the Gummy Bear playing the paper bag game. Paper bag game rules: stand on one foot, bend down, pick up paper bag in teeth. After everyone has gone, an inch or two is cut off and the whole process starts anew. This becomes exceedingly difficult when a) wearing tele boots, and b) noticing that half the boxed wine is gone before you even begin. I suppose the gummy bear might need some clarification. To avoid a repeat of the "purple bear" costume a few years ago, a dozen gum wrappers were attached to the front of the costume, instantly turning the purple bear into a "gummy" bear.

(See box wine note from caption above)