May 01, 2006

Ashley Goes Backcountry

On Saturday Ashley and I went backcountry skiing in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Courtesy of some generous birthday gifts from her family, she recently acquired all the backcountry travel essentials. We actually had some fresh snow and got to ski powder on April 29th! Ashley seemed to thoroughly appreciate the ease and convenience of traveling on skis compared to other snow travel methods. This was evidenced when she stopped to look at someone else's post hole in the trail and kind of chuckled/giggled. We got back to the Katmandu Restaurant in Nederland in time for the lunch buffet - great deal on Nepalese food.

Sunday consisted of driving up to Longmont to purchase a washer and dryer from a guy who reconditions used appliances. Managed to fit both units in the back of the 4-Runner. After moving them into the basement and plugging the washer in, we found out that it didn't work. The guy we bought it from offers a 1-year warranty, so we'll see what happens.

Also had time for a short road ride on Sunday. It was pretty windy. I got hit by a tumbleweed, but managed to stay on my bike. Struggled to pedal downhill in my small chainring into the wind. When I got home, I made beer.

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Manisha said...

It's kind of nice to finally find a blog from my own hello, neighbor! I'm in Lousiville.

My last meal (a lunch buffet) at Kathmandu in Nederland was not that great. But I loved the woman who owns it. She was very warm and charming. It was a very hot day in summer and we were headed for the Shoshoni Temple.