June 05, 2006

Back in Colorado

Ashley and I got home at around 9:00 last night. Our Korea trip was fantastic! It was great to see Keith and Melanie. Turns out that 2.5 weeks was about perfect for visiting Korea. I feel we were able to see the most interesting parts of the country and get a good feel for the differences between our culture and theirs. Over the next week, I'll be working on writing up a detailed account of our trip. One thing is for sure, it will be lengthy. I'm convinced only my most serious blog readers will read it in its entirety. We took 174 pictures/movies and JoonYong sent me 16 more today, so pilfering through those might take a while. Guaranteed to have a good slide show set up for whoever happens to come visit us. I've got a bit of a cold on top of some Jet Lag, so work is really fun right now!

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Greta said...

I got a cold when we returned from Korea too. It was great seeing you guys - glad you make it home safely!