September 05, 2006

1/2 a Road Trip

During the extended Labor Day weekend, Ashley and I flew back to Oregon (Friday night), spent time with our respective families on Saturday, attended a wedding on Sunday in Colton, OR, and drove back to Boulder after the wedding in the car that Ashley's parents so generously gave us. I have to admit, I was slightly skeptical about the car after Ashley called me to say they would be late in arriving to the wedding due to car troubles. Turns out is was just a flat tire that Ashley's dad fixed. The car drove excellently all 1300 miles back to Boulder. We stopped for a 2-hour power nap just south of Boise from 3 to 5 on Monday morning, met up with Wes and Caitlyn in Pocatello from about 10:30 to noon, and got back to Boulder by 9:00, in time to go to bed and get up for work this morning. Including our two stops, the drive took 24 hours. The Ipod performed superbly on its virgin journey.

At 5.5 months old, Caitlyn was much more entertaining than she was at 3 weeks - smiling, kicking, squawking, and this thing she does when she sticks her tongue out and blows a mixture of air and saliva out as her lips and tongue vibrate. Upon observing the smiling and laughter of her audience, this act is repeated and the smiles are returned. I wish I had a video to post as my description is undoubtedly lacking, but we didn't bring a camera on our whirlwind trip.

Coming up . . .
Jake is coming to visit us on Friday! He'll be staying through the following Thursday, so I'm sure I'll have something entertaining to write about in the near future.

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