February 23, 2007

Carlsbad, NM

I'm not sure if I told anyone by my roommates, but I've been in Carlsbad, NM for the last week, drilling holes in a problematic dam at a Potash Mine. Now here's the part you won't believe - Golder sent a senior geotechnical engineer down here with me for 2 days, then he left, leaving me the only Golder representative in the area. It was kind of fun telling the drillers where to drill and what we wanted done, but most of all it will be nice to be involved with a project from its conception (i.e. contact drillers, hire one, drill with them, conduct a subsurface investigation, come up with a solution to fix their leaky dam which is supposed to be a zero discharge facility). Probably all sounds a bit nerdy, but this is why I have the job I do.

After checking in with the boss upon finishing the drilling program, he told me to get ready to go to Idaho for a few weeks. We'll be drilling up there in preparation for raising a 600 foot dam at a Molybdenum mine. I think I'll be about an hour from Wes, so I'll probably get to see him and Caitlyn in the near future!

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Ian said...

Umm, call me a layman, but it seems to me that drilling holes in a dam is a little counter productive!