June 25, 2007

Summer in Boulder

It's officially summer here in Boulder by my standards: those being that it's always uncomfortably hot, there's way too much to do, and I almost want to go to work because there's air conditioning there.

As soon as Dad went home from his visit, Ashley, Melanie, Lauren, and I went climbing in Clear Creek Canyon. We initially tried to go to an area called Cat Slab, which we found to be closed indefinitely. I believe it's on private property and the owner is a jack ass. We backtracked back down the canyon to Highwire Crag, a personal favorite of mine as far as sport climbing in Colorado goes. It was hot and we were lazy, but we got about 4 solid single pitch climbs in before heading back to our not-so-air-conditioned house.

The following day, Lauren and I made the mistake of following Ashley, Melanie, and one of Melanie's coworkers on one of their weekend training runs (they're training for a marathon at the end of September). The run was an 11 mile loop, and I think I made it about 10 before walking up the final 1 mile incline. My knee felt good afterwards though, so I may decide to jump in their running program here and there and see what happens.

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Ian said...

that rock looks lovely!