July 12, 2007


Tis the season to visit Boulder. The weekend of July 7th and 8th, Ashley's sister and brother in law (Abbie and Tom) came to visit. We had an action-packed, extended weekend that involved hiking, the Coors Brewery Tour (The Tourey), inner tubing down Boulder Creek, and going to see the Colorado Rapids (professional soccer team who's mascot is an Eagle) among other things. The inner tubing turned exciting immediately as the tube I was riding was mostly deflated. After a period of instability, I figured out how to go over the drops, become completely submerged, and pop up downstream all while staying on top of the flaccid inner tube. While hiking back up for a second run, I traded tubes with somebody who I was unable to locate.

Aside from the low score (0-1), the Rapids game proved to be much more fun to attend than a Colorado Rockies game. I believe the main reason for this is that people attend the game to an extent that mostly fills the stadium. They also don't lose as frequently.

On Monday, Ashley, Abbie, and Tom spent the day at Rocky Mountain National Park, but I was unable to join. Apparently they didn't see any elk, which I find hard to believe.

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