August 03, 2008

Baby Quilts

My mom has a tradition of making quilts for each new baby in the family (and for friends too). For my birthday this year, my parents got me a sewing machine and I decided that baby quilts would be my first projects.

I started by making a quilt for The Howers (Patrick to be specific).

I didn't plan this one too well and ran out of fabric numerous times. I found the dinosaur fabric when I needed something for the backing. Although the dinos don't necessarily match the front, I thought it was too cute and couldn't pass it up. When my parents came to visit earlier this summer, my mom gave me some helpful advice on finishing the quilt. She also showed me how to make letters with the sewing machine - since I have yet to watch the instructional DVD that came with the sewing machine (thanks for the help mom!).

While animal prints are cute, I had a tough time resisting all the girly fabrics. That's why my niece, Anna, got a very girly pink, purple, and blue quilt (the fabrics are all butterfly and dragonfly prints).

I even got to hand deliver the quilt to Anna when I was in Oregon.

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