October 10, 2008


The tri team puts on a 5K race series as a fundraiser. After volunteering the last two weeks, I decided to join the fun and run the race yesterday evening.

Finally, after 10 years, I was able to PR in a 5K. A real PR. Not this post-high school stuff I was blabbing about. It was only a 2 second PR, but who cares.

Nine days until the Denver Half Marathon. And since this is my first (standalone) half marathon, I am pretty much guaranteed a PR there too.


Jason said...

Nice work Ashley! I am scared to ask what it was as I am sure it puts me to shame. Have fun in the half. Tell me how hard it is, I have been thinking about trying a half or a marathon lately...

Ian said...

Wow, I have not looked at your guy's blog in quite some time! Good to hear you are having fun!