March 24, 2009

Ski Racin'

For the last couple years, I have competed in two ski races per year. This year, they both fell on the same weekend.

Saturday was the company-sponsored Chen Cup, where geo-environmental engineering firms recruit as many ringers as possible to win the overall competition. The event was held up at Eldora, where it was about 60 degrees and beautiful for the entire day. I was unable to defend my title of "Tele Champ" from the previous year, but I came in second. I lost by about 1 second to a Colorado State Student who was heavily recruited by his fathers engineering firm (congrats Jesse!). I'll attribute that 1 second to the fact that I was wearing a very un-aerodynamic kilt until someone can prove me wrong.

Race attire

Kilt lunges

I also competed in the cross-country race with much less success. I finished 6th, one place behind Jesse for the second time that day.

The Golder X-Country Crew Pre-race

Cruising down to the finish

The 8th Annual DoJoe Race was held at Eldora on Sunday. Keith, Sean, Rachel, and I all skied as fast as we could up the hill before peeling our skins and racing down the steepest run at the resort to the finish. Most participants are telemark skiers and costumes are mandatory (unlike the previous day when I was a bit out of place), making the focus shifted more towards having fun than going fast.

If he who has the most fun wins, I think I got 1st place! Speed wise, Keith placed 5th and I placed 13th, improving my time from the previous year by almost 5 minutes. I think the two beers I carried slowed me down a bit. Rachel won the women's telemark race and, rumor has it, set a course record in the process!

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