August 29, 2009

Liberty Bell - The Beckey Route

I just got back from climbing the Beckey Route on Liberty Bell in the North Cascades. Back when this route was first climbed by the infamous Fred Beckey, he had to bushwack 17 miles just to get to the climb. Today, Highway 20 passes within 1.5 miles of the base of the climb, and a well maintained trail takes one almost all the way to the start of the climb.

Within a little over an hour after leaving the car, we were at the base of the climb. Dane and I climbed first, followed by Dave and Sidney (fellow friends and NOLS instructors). The climb was fairly short overall and easier than we had anticipated. Nonetheless, we had a fantastic time on this classic moderate climb on great rock, surrounded by the beautiful North Cascade mountains.

Liberty Bell from the Northwest

Dane and Me on the Summit

Not sure why, but we decided to pretend we were riding choppers on the summit

Maybe someday I'll be ready for the Liberty Crack route on the east side of Liberty Bell.

Liberty Bell, when viewed from the east, looks like a totally different mountain

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