June 22, 2010

Denali Teaser

Dane and I have been off the mountain for almost three weeks now, and I've yet to find time to write and appropriately wordy post.  I'll be leaving on a NOLS course in a few days and I'm pretty sure I won't have time before then, so here's the super brief summary.

Dane and I both made it to the top, albeit on separate days.  We managed to climb our intended route, the Upper West Rib on our tenth day on the mountain.  We didn't ski off the summit, but we did do a lot of skiing above 14,000 feet, including skiing Rescue Gully from it's top at 17,200 feet.  We spent 16 days on the mountain all together and had amazingly beautiful weather pretty much the entire time.  We never had to endure a multi-day storm that Denali is so famous for, which made us feel like we missed out on part of the experience.  I promise a detailed trip account in the future.

Climbing the ridge from 16,200' to 17,200' on our way to ski Rescue Gully

Dane leading one of the neater sections of the Upper West Rib ~16,500'

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