February 21, 2011

New Stuffs

I officially now live in Seattle (the north part of the University District, to be more precise).  Ava and I are renting the lower level of a giant, old house.  The owners, who bought the place only a few months ago, live upstairs and are remodeling the entire house.  Luckily for us, they remodeled the basement first so we essentially live in a brand new apartment.  It feels great to have all my stuff in one place.  The efficient design makes the scant 570 square feet seem much bigger.  Add efficient appliances and radiant heating to the efficient space, and this is about as "green" as its location is awesome.  Much thanks to Ava's parents for helping us furnish the new place!

We had a great ski day up on Snoqualmie Pass a couple days ago.  The snow was about as good as it gets in Washington, and we miraculously had an entire backcountry slope all to ourselves.  We skied three laps on a north facing slope about two miles from I-90 and never saw another person or another set of tracks.

Yay for soft snow to land in!

In other news, I cleaned up Quatra yesterday and posted her on Craigslist, asking Kelley Blue Book value.  People are now fighting over my 4Runner, so I'm guessing I won't have a car by the end of the week.  The plan is to see how long I can handle getting around on a bike before getting another oil guzzler.

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