August 14, 2011

Scouting Report

I just got back from my first elk scouting trip, and things were promising.  On a two-day backpacking trip, Ava and I saw 7 deer, 9 elk, and an incredible amount of sign.  I was caught a little off guard by how dense the trees were in the area we went.  I'd never been there before, but it was on the east side of the Cascade divide and in Oregon that means thin stands of pine with little understory.  This made glassing with binoculars difficult, so we largely resorted to sneaking around in the woods and peering into meadows whenever the trees opened up a bit.

Oh, deer!
The one mature bull we saw (and one of the few open meadows)

To summarize my thoughts after this first scouting trip, I was happy with the amount of animals and sign in the area, but at the same time reminded of how difficult it will be to get close enough to stick one with an arrow.  I'm not sure if we'll hunt this exact area, but it's a decent option if Kris and I don't find anything we like better.

. . . and the wildflowers were in full bloom
I ordered a new camera, so hopefully my next scouting trip will result in some better wildlife photography!

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