February 07, 2015

Remodel Update 1

Since my last posting, we've:

  • Obliterated the previously mentioned closet
  • Drywalled one kitchen entry closed and opened up the dining room entry
  • Textured and primed new walls
  • Installed a bathroom fan
  • Installed 6 cellular shades
  • Completely redid electrical in kitchen and bathroom, including recessed lighting (subcontracted)
  • Removed two layers of linoleum from kitchen/dining room floor
  • Removed old kitchen sink and plumbing
  • Removed all old kitchen cabinets
  • Initiated cabinet installation (subcontracted)
  • Began plans to replace entire galvanized water system with PEX

We feel we've hit rock bottom in terms of kitchen usability when we removed the old kitchen sink, and things will only improve from there.  I continue to enjoy every minute I spend demolishing and rebuilding things.  The race is on to see how much we can complete before I head out to work a 3-month NOLS course.  Perhaps we should think about ordering flooring?

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