December 15, 2005

Geotech Ski Day

I took the liberty of organizing a ski trip for the geotech department, which took place today, Dec. 15th. The head count by nationality was as follows, I think:

Koreans - 3
Iranians - 1
Chileans - 1 (Chilean born anyway)
Russians - 1
Americans - 4

The sky was clear, the temperature low, and the wind high. A chilly day, but nobody froze and we made it back down the hill with everyone we took up.

The most improved award goes to Davoud. His last run down the hill was nearly two orders of magnitude faster than his first.

The best outfit award goes to JaeHong for his sporty, green and purple one-piece. Yes, we were all jealous.

Enough awards, the most important thing is that everyone stopped studying and had some fun.

The follwing pictures are of (1) Davoud doing his impression of a new-born colt, (2) Tailgate BBQ with a subzero windchill, (3) Joon-Yong blazing across the hill, (4) Party on the bunny hill.

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