December 03, 2005

Interview and Some PowPow

This Friday I had an interview with Deere and Ault Consultants in Longmont. The company is a medium-small geotechnical engineering consulting firm. One of my friends who graduated from CU last year has been working for them for several years, and he called me out of the blue one day and asked me to come in for an interview. Anyway, Longmont is about 12 miles NE of Boulder, much closer than commuting to Denver. I liked the firm, and I'm considering working for them after I graduate until I'm finished with Colorado. I'm expecting an offer in the next couple of weeks. I'll be sure to keep my blog site posted with the most recent updates.

This morning, Ashley, Antonio, and I went up to Eldora. They've received 2 feet of snow in the last two days, so I had to take a half day off and check it out. Antonio is my New Yorker friend in the Geotech program. Yes, that's New York, USA, not New York, Korea. He'd never really skied on anything except ice before, so he thoroughly appreciated the deep powder. Eldora's getting a decent base built up pretty early in the season, which doesn't always happen. I still flail quite a bit in the powder on tele skies, but I'm getting better. Ashley is showing great improvement over last year as well. She still refers to the powder on the side of the runs as "that place where you get stuck", but I'm sure she'll learn to love it.

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melanie said...

I LOVE your hair in your most recent blog picture. You should "wear" it like that all the time! I bet it would help to get you a job.