February 18, 2006

Random Stuff

Here's a clip of me skiing some crusty snow up at Mt. Baldy, across from Breckenridge. The dog in the video followed us for a few hours, but we have no idea who it belonged to.

On Thursday morning, Dane and I ended up skiing at Loveland Pass. We skied down across the switchback on the highway, and would hitch a ride back up and repeat. Apparently this is a popular thing to do at this area. I felt lazy, but we got some good turns in. Yesterday I moved out of my office at Lyman Henn, where I worked last summer and off and on during the school year. For dinner, Joon-Yong took my friend Antonio and me out for Korean BBQ. According to our Korean friend, this place was authentic, with grills installed in the middle of the tables. They bring the thinly sliced, highly marinated meat to you and let you cook it yourself. The food was great and I'm improving my chopstick skills.

I'm still waiting on Ashley to ask her boss for the days off so we can go to Korea. As soon as she does this, we'll book a flight to visit Keith and Melanie.

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