March 20, 2006

Saint Patty's Day, etc.

Compared to working all week, St. Patrick's Day was quite exciting. It began with me receiving my first paycheck. As a result, I took Ashley out to dinner at the Med. Immediately following this, I went with Ashley to a campus performance titled "Dance Works". I'm not even sure where to begin on this topic. At times, the performance was almost epileptic. Other times I thought that Jake's river dance would have been more impressive. Just to be fair, there were some brief episodes of contemporary dancing that I would classify as artistic and skillful, making the performance entertaining as far as dance goes. I think it lasted about 2.5 hours. I think I broke into a slight jog on my way out of the theater, straight to the local pub for some green beer. Some might be an understatement, but we'll just say I had green beer. The rest of the evening just went downhill from there.

On Sunday Ashley and I went skiing up at Eldora. This was Ashley's third day on tele gear, and she's pregressing at the rate that I remember doing myself a little over a year ago. It's kind of funny because I can totally relate to most of the problems she is having. Since it was a powder day, I had to do my own thing early in the day. There was about 4 to 6 inches over hardpack, making the day pretty darn good on a scale of 1 to 10.

Good news and bad news -
Good news: the mountains are expecing 2 feet of snow today and tomorrow!
Bad news: I'll be at work. The only thing that gets me through is knowing that I'm leaving for Telluride on Saturday for a week of skiing with my buddy Adam.

As for work, I'm now involved with three mining projects. In addition to the central Idaho one, I'm working on a gold mine in Venezuela, and a tailings impoundment in Moab, Utah, across the highway from Arches N.P. - reasonably fun and entertaining projects.

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