March 07, 2006


Many of my frequent blog readers have been asking how work is going, and I tell all of them that I'll write something in my blog when I have something worth saying. However, I feel that my standards for what is worth saying have risin during my month of playing to a level that work just can't compete with. At risk of this post falling into that catagory of "Unworthy" news in my life, I proceed with caution.

For those who know little to nothing of what I'm doing, I'm working for Golder Associates, Inc. in Lakewood, Colorado. The company performs a variety of geotechnical work around the globe. It's the largest privately owned company in our industry, so don't go trying to buy a bunch of Golder stock - it won't happen. . . unless, of course, you happen to be an employee. On my second day of work I was handed a brand new Dell Laptop. Until now, I've been busy working on a molybdenum mining project located in Central Idaho. Apparently someone has been putting rocks behind a dam there for the last 20 years and they want to continue doing so for the next 10 years. They problem is that they don't know if the embankment dam is large enough to hold all the rock. That's where I come in. As if 200 million tons of rock wasn't enough - the capacity the 600' high dam was designed for - they want to put 210 million tons behind it. So why not just make the dam higher to retain the extra rock? Because the environmental permitting is only for a 600' high dam. (scratch head . . . hmmmm). We'll see how it goes.

Ashley and I went downhill and skate skiing last Sunday. Since that time, she had finished setting herself up with a telemark setup. I think this weekend we'll be back at Eldora (The Dora we like to call it now) crashing up a storm. Actaully, the storm is arriving Wednesday, so we'll just be crashing.

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