April 17, 2006


Crazy Uncle Josh and Like Aunt Ashley had a great trip to go visit my niece, Caitlyn. Thursday night we did most of the 9 hour drive to Idaho Falls, and finished up Friday morning, arriving in time for breakfast. Caitlyn was three weeks old at the time of our visit, and absolutely adorable! We coordinated our trip with Grandpa, creating a mini family reunion. Michelle and Wes seem to be adjusting quite well to the added family member and their new rolls as Mom and Dad. It was Easter weekend, so Ashley and I brought an appropriate outfit for the little one. Dad, Grandpa, and the crazy Uncle played a round of golf at the local course on Friday. I owe my victory to my caddy, A. Walker. On Saturday we went for a bushwhack of a hike through the sage and ended up trompsing through some snow in the higher elevations. We saw a moose and a heard of about 40 deer.

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