April 07, 2006

Moving Soon

After several weeks of trying to locate the ideal place to live in the south part of Boulder and getting beat to the punch on our first several choices, we finally found our place. We will be moving during the last part the month, as our current lease ends on April 30 and our new one begins April 15. We had a beer with our new landlords last night, who live about 4 blocks from our new townhouse - really nice people. We'll have an attached one-car gearage that will be perfect for brewing. The townhouse is a total of 3 levels, but we're not quite sure what to do with the basement. It's huge and we don't really need the space, but the place is at least as nice as the other smaller places we looked at and slightly cheaper. I'll soon be living 15 minutes closer to work, and I won't have to bitch about the noisy neighboors below us anymore!

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