July 13, 2006

Business Travel

I've just been informed that I'm leaving for Sudbury, Ontario on Sunday. I'll be staying up there for 1 to 2 weeks. The reason for the trip is to learn a 3-D geotechnical modeling program that nobody in our office has ever used. We're trying to model the Uranium mine tailings disposal facility in Moab, UT so we can determine how best to move it 30 miles to the north. I'll be working with several of the Sudbury staff to develop this model as I learn the program. Should be fun, but this unfortunately means that I'll miss the Mt. Evans Hill Climb ride that I've been training for. I should have full access to e-mail and my cell phone while I'm away. Speaking of riding, Floyd Landis is in Yellow after the second day in the Pyrenees!

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