July 15, 2006

Mt. Evans Ride

Since I'll be missing the Mt. Evans race while I'm in Canada, Ashley and I went up there today. Ashley's training for a half marathon, so she didn't want to ruin herself by overdoing it on the ride. She rode up the hill for a little over an hour and turned around to go get the car. She passed me in the car about 10 minutes before I reached the top.

The ride itself begins in Idaho Springs at 7,555 feet and finishes 28 miles later at the Mt. Evans summit parking lot at 14,135 feet. I was hoping to complete the ride in less than 3 hours and ended up at 3:15. It's essentially one big hill with only a few minor descents on the way to the summit. Now I don't feel so bad about missing the race next weekend. It felt like about 80 degrees on the summit when we got there at 11:00. It's 104 in Boulder right now, so we're getting some of that heat that Oregon has had recently.

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