January 18, 2007

Ice Climbing

I'm still discovering new ways in which Colorado is cool. There are several frozen waterfalls within minutes of our daily commute. Yesterday, my carpool buddy/coworker, Tom, and I took a 10 minute detour on our commute home to do some ice climbing up Clear Creek Canyon. We left work a little early and didn't have much time before it got dark, so we just 'bouldered' around low on the icefall instead of climbing up it. Just that little bit of practice helped me to begin feeling more comfortable clinging to the ice with my crampons and axes.

After climbing we found the highway back to Boulder closed due to strong winds blowing snow onto the road (Coloradans refer to this as a ground blizzard). There was no detour route marked, so we wandered around for over an hour before finding our way back to Boulder.

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