April 15, 2007

Back Home for the Weekend

I spent last week in Challis, Idaho on business. We're drilling holes in a tailings embankment at a Molybdenum mine in order to characterize the soil and bedrock and design a way to store an additional 100 million tons of tailings material. Challis is the hub for all the towns within about 50 miles and has a bustling population of 909. It includes 3 restaurants, two of which serve everything: steak, ribs, and burgers. There is a smaller town closer to the mine (Clayton), which has a population of 26 that somehow manages to sustain 2 bars.

I returned to Boulder on Thursday and have thoroughly enjoyed my time back by engaging in the usual activities (skiing, biking, etc.). Today Keith, Melanie, Ashley, and I went skiing at Eldora. As it was the last day of the season, we dressed up like yahoos and had a fabulous BBQ in the parking lot before heading home.

I leave on Tuesday to return to Idaho to resume the drilling program. After 10 days of drilling, I should get a few days off which I plan to use to visit my brother, Wes, in Idaho Falls. Ten more days of drilling after that should bring my time in Idaho to an end and me back to Boulder.

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