April 17, 2007

No More War . . . and Peace

After nearly 9 months, I've finished reading Tolstoy's "War and Peace". I consider this quite an accomplishment, especially since I'm such a slow reader. All this airport and plane time I've had recently is conducive to plowing through books. I'm now working my way through Darwin's "The Origin of Species".

Today I traveled back to Challis, Idaho. We begin drilling tomorrow and it's supposed to snow all day. Before I left Boulder, I'd planned to bake Ashley a birthday cake since I won't be around on April 22. Keith convinced me to make it from scratch instead of from a box. This turned out to be a bit time consuming, but surprisingly simple. The cake, complete with homemade frosting, turned out fully edible and shaped kind of like a birthday cake. The most difficult part turned out to be melting the unsweetened baking chocolate. I was convinced that the chocolate was immune to melting in the microwave. After about 3 minutes with no observable change in the chocolate, we discovered that our brand new microwave wasn't working.


Ian said...

is war and peace a reccomended book. I dont know much about it but I need a new project and a huge book like that sounds about right

Josh said...

If you're looking for a project of a book, this is the one. If you can tough it out for the first 700 pages, it gets easier. When all was said and done, I think it's as good as everyone says it is.