May 05, 2007


I think I've been in Idaho since my last blog post. I had a break from work last weekend, and I thought it would be silly to spend all this time in Idaho without seeing my brother and niece, so I drove to Idaho falls (about 2 hours away - close by Challis standards). I had a great time catching up with Wes, and Caitlyn was hanging out with us for a few of my days there. She's quite mobile now, crawling anywhere and everywhere and standing up whenever there is something to hang on to. She gets cuter every time I see her! I did take some pictures, but will have to wait until I return home to download them.

Wes took Monday off of work to take me on a hike. We hiked up a beautiful canyon to a couple of lakes. I assumed we were in a designated wilderness area until Wes informed me it was simply national forest land. We only saw two people the entire time (proving once again that it pays to adventure during the week). The hike ended up being 14 miles round-trip, which was much noticed by my out-of-shape self. Wes kept up surprisingly well, but paid for it the next day. Walking around the house, he resembled what I imagine to be the walk of a stoned penguin.

I'm now in the middle of another 10-day shift. It wouldn't be so bad if the drillers weren't trying to set a record for incompetency. This job, which was supposed to take 24 working days, is likely going to take at least 40 unless we fire them first. At least they're loosing more money than we are. I plan to return home on May 12th and I can't wait!

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