January 08, 2008

Climbing on Hoosier Pass

I spent last Saturday up in the mountains of Colorado near Hoosier Pass with Keith, Melanie, and Dane. Since the skiing here is a major let down after skiing in Oregon, we decided to go ice climbing. As one might imagine, water ice is one area where Colorado does beat out Oregon.

This was my first chance to use the ice tools I purchased at the end of last winter. I ended up liking them quite a bit and grew progressively more comfortable using them throughout the day.

Dane leading the first climb of the day

We all had a blast, spending nearly the entire day on two top rope climbs and one climb that Dane led.

Keith on the upper section of our second climb

Keith finishing our third and final climb

I thought this would be a good time to try out my helmet camera. It definitely takes some practice to take decent video with it. By our third climb, I was finally able to take a video where you can almost tell what's going on. It's not incredibly exciting, but there's an occasional few seconds of brilliance. At times it seems like you're playing Bond on the Nintendo and he's using the ice tools as a weapon. If you watch it with the sound on, you can hear me periodically scrape the camera against the ice, which Melanie thinks is a bit comical.

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Molly said...

Cool Josh! It absolutely feels like Bond. I wanna go ice climbing now!