January 14, 2008

Powder is for Skiing, Ice is for Climbing

The longer I'm part of the "system", the better I seem to get at being a weekend warrior. This was the second and final weekend that Dane was in town for the winter, so we made another trip to summit county to visit him (we = Keith, Ashley, and me). Dane's parents, Becky and Sam, were both at their vacation home in Frisco all weekend and kind enough to let us stay at their beautiful home, not to mention feed us!

We spent Saturday frontcountry skiing on Mt. Baldy, near Breckenridge. After two enjoyable powder runs, we ventured over to an old cabin we knew about to see if the snow had built up enough that we could jump off the roof. It hadn't quite filled in, but with Keith's motivation and technical expertise, the situation was remedied. A few minutes later, a well-designed rooftop kicker was built.

Flying Joji - Huck number one

Flying Joji - Huck number two

Although the landing was flat, there was enough deep powder that it didn't matter. Dane landed on his head attempting his first back flip on a snowboard and laughed about it.

On Sunday, Keith, Dane and I went back to Lincoln Falls on Hoosier Pass to do a multi-pitch climb that we picked out the previous weekend.

The climb follows the main flow in the center of the photo

Keith led the first pitch and Dane led the second. The temperature when we left Dane's house was 0.3 F, which made for some good ol' fashioned Type 2 Fun. "Type 2" fun is meant to describe activities that are miserable, yet still very enjoyable. Ice climbing is inherently a Type 2 activity.

Keith leading the first pitch

Dane leading the second pitch

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