March 17, 2008

DoJoe Telemark Race

Mildly disappointed with the lack of competition in the team category last year, Ashley and I decided to race as individuals this year in the 7th annual DoJoe race. Keith participated as well, and all of us were clad in festive dress.

The coarse was the same as last year, which involved hiking up from near the bottom of the Eldora ski area and skiing down the steepest run on the opposite side of the mountain. Official results have not yet been posted, but I anticipate that Keith was the fastest, followed by Ashley and then me. However, I console myself by the fact that the event is more about dressing up and helping to fund the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) than it is about being fast. Additionally, I'm getting used to Ashley beating me in races.

Ashley smoked most of the female competition up to the top of the hill (arriving in 3rd place). Unfortunately, nearly a half dozen participants returned the favor on the way down the hill to the finish line. As for myself, I maintained a steadily pathetic pace the whole time, passing several people in much better shape than myself on the way down the double black diamond run.


Wydizzle said...
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Wydizzle said...

So after reading this, I took a peak at race day pics hoping I could catch a glimps of whatever rediculus threads you guys were wearing with no luck. It wasn't until I check out the post race party pics I noticed this,
A nice candid of the two of you boozing it up...who'd a thought?

Ashley said...

William Wallace (AKA Josh) actually beat me by almost a minute. I really need to work on my downhill skills.