March 02, 2008

Typical Front Range Weather

On Saturday I went on a 3.5 hour hike up Bear Peak before attending two BBQs in record setting weather (for March 1st) with a high of 74 degrees. On Sunday Ashley and I skied 6 inches of fresh snow at Eldora, as the weather went from 74 degrees and sunny to below freezing and snowing overnight (Boulder got a few inches as well as the ski area).

This type of weather swing happens fairly regularly around here, although some might argue this was a bit dramatic even for the Front Range. I personally enjoy living with the fact that you never really know what you're going to wake up to as the weather erratically transitions from winter to summer.

The summit of Bear Peak can barely be seen behind the prominent knob in this picture.

Aside from this group/flock/gaggle/covey of turkeys, I didn't see much wildlife on my hike in the Flatirons.

Views of the Indian Peaks and southern Rocky Mountain National Park from the top of Bear Peak were spectacularly clear. I took this shot of Longs Peak using most of my 18x zoom.

The first BBQ of the day was at a Dave's house, a friend of mine from work. It was here that I assisted in the brewing of my first batch of all-grain beer. It was definitely fun to brew in this primitive manner, but it takes nearly 3 times as long and I think I'm too lazy to get in a habit of all-grain brewing.

On the way home from BBQ #1, I stopped by Tony and Lisa's for a second round of grillables. With some mild coaxing, I was able to get Ashley to drive down the hill and join us. At BBQ #2, the socializing was focused around one of those above-ground brass fire thingys. Someone at the party referred to it as a fire pit, but since it sits above the ground surface, it is decidedly not a pit. The discussion was then steered towards what to call it. After a few rounds, I ultimately arrived at "fire podium dish". If anyone else has any better ideas, please let me know.

The skiing on Sunday was downright epic by Eldora standards. There was little to no wind (a rare occurance in itself), and about 6 inches and counting of light, soft, fluffy powder. Ashley tried out her new skis and seemed to get along with them quite well.

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