July 21, 2008


I am way behind on the blogging, so bear with me. Josh said he won't post about his adventures last weekend until I finish my blogs from 3 weeks ago.

In late June, I made my first, and possibly last, trip to Ohio. The purpose of the trip was to attend Brian, a recent MS grad from my lab, and Emily's wedding. Most of my lab friends made the trip, but Josh decided he had better things to do than visit Ohio. Plane tickets to Ohio are ridiculously expensive, so we made a long weekend out of it. I managed to not take a single picture the entire time I was there. Luckily, co-worker Jessica shared her photos.

We flew into Akron Friday and drove down to Columbus. As a positive for Ohio, I will say that it is very green. Our drive was through farmland that was very green and scenic. Being in Boulder, I miss green grass and trees. We arrived at our hotel in downtown Columbus in time to grab some dinner before heading to the post-rehearsal dinner festivities at a nearby bar.

Jessica, Brian, and Brooke Friday night.

The wedding was on Saturday evening. Unfortunately, it was an outdoor wedding and it rained most of the day. But after a 30 minute rain delay, the wedding started. Tony, a post-doc in my lab, officiated the wedding. Besides the rain, the ceremony was beautiful. Brian is known for his fashion sense, so it was no surprise that the groomsmen were in pink shirts.

The newly married couple.

Melanie, Brooke, Lisa, and I at the reception.

Saturday and Sunday we did a bit of touring around Columbus. Jessica and I went for runs each day, heading along the river one time and through the Ohio State University Campus the other. I don't typically run with Jessica because she is too fast, but Columbus is a bit sketchy and there is safety in numbers. Since leaving DC, I have forgotten how horrible it is to run in humidity.

This is my favorite thing we saw on our runs. It is a giant gavel fountain outside the supreme court building. Fitting, yet a little silly.

We also attended ComFest (short for Community Festival), which was a music/art festival. Sunday night we headed to the Ohio Theater, a historic landmark that shows old movies.

Ohio Theater where we saw Hitchcock's Notorious.

Monday we drove north to Sandusky. Our google map directions took us on some back roads for the 3 hour drive, so we got to see some new landscape. Unfortunately, this was quite a bit slower as we got stuck behind a horse and buggy - I guess that happens in Amish country. Sandusky is home to Cedar Point amusement park, known for having the most roller coasters. We spent the day going on rides and avoiding the rain.

Ryan and Tony on one of the older coasters.

Lake Erie and the Cedar Point skyline as we drove away.

We flew back to Denver on Tuesday morning. During my four day trip to Ohio, I got to see a lot of the state, enough so that I am not in any hurry to return.

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