July 22, 2008


I left for Oregon after being back in Colorado for 14 hours from Ohio. Not the best travel plans, but by far the cheapest flight option. And it allowed me to go to work for 7 hours, thus not missing another day.

The main purpose of my trip to Oregon was to see my new niece, Anna. Because I was busy with school and Ohio prior to this trip, I didn't do any planning for this trip, so I didn't spend anytime with old friends still in the area. Nonetheless, I had an excellent time. Not only did I get to bond with Anna and help my sister (those newborns are a lot of work!), but I also managed to get a few runs in on my favorite trails (Dans up Dimple and my "run-on-every-trail-loop" at Peavy) and do some relaxing. I even headed to the aquatic center to swim in a pool that I haven't been to since high school swim team 9 years ago.

Babies are much cuter than my rambling, so here are the photos:

The family made a trip to Silver Falls State Park. Here are the 4 generations of women represented.

Anna ready for her first hike.

Abbie, Mom, and Dad. Anna is already passed out (hence the limpness).

Mom, Dad, and I.

Abbie (and Anna) hiking.

Mom and Dad walking behind a falls.

Anna put on her "I love my auntie" onesie for me.

She likes to sleep on her side.

Getting in a 4th of July nap.

My grandma and Anna.

My dad and Anna. He likes to tell her stories about his friends and people he went to college with. I am sure I heard these as a baby and this may explain a lot about my personality.

Bundled up to go outside for my dad's fireworks display. We call this the smurf outfit. Anna slept through the fireworks, even the loud screeching ones at close range.

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