September 14, 2008

Lake Isabelle

During Labor Day weekend, I took a camping trip with a group of girls I work(ed) with. Brooke, Amber, Nikki, Melanie C., Ashley D., and I left Boulder Saturday evening after a bit of a late start (some members of the group had a little too much fun the night before). After a bit of searching, we were fortunate to find a pretty nice camping spot on a holiday weekend at 7 pm. Our spot was on the forest service land outside of Indian Peaks Wilderness. We had just enough time to set-up tents and start a camp fire before dark, then spent the rest of the night eating brats and smores.

On Sunday, we headed to Brainard Lake for a hike up to Lake Isabelle. Josh and I did this hike the first year we were in Colorado. I have not been back since then, but we have a picture from this area in our living room, so I am constantly reminded how pretty it is. So, I recommended this hike to the group and we headed out with 2 dogs in tow. Our hike was cut a little short by imminent afternoon thunderstorms, but we had a great time.

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