November 24, 2008

I Found Ski Season!

Just as I was getting unbearably tired of waiting for ski season, I got a call from a buddy (Andy) who was feeling the same way. We decided to go up high into the mountains and try to force a turn or two, thinking there was a good chance we would simply end up going for a long hike with skis on our backs.

We started early on Saturday morning, heading for Jones Pass (near the more famous Berthoud Pass) just above the Henderson Mine. We drove until the 4-Runner got stuck in the snow and were happily surprised to be able to put our skis on and begin skinning right from the car. There's no denying that the snow was sparse and thin, but we both simultaneously spotted the best line as soon as it came into view as we skinned up the road.

Our run, from the high saddle down the gully that collects all the windblown snow

Not too much later, we arrived at the top of our chosen ski run.

Andy on the windy summit ridge

One and a half turns later, it was like I hadn't missed a day of skiing since last season. It was a tad windy, but the weather was otherwise beautiful. The snow conditions were variable while still somehow remaining fun and forgiving. Oh, how I love skiing!

My first tele turns since the 4th of July

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