November 01, 2008

A weekend together

Last weekend, something very rare occurred. Josh and I decided to spend time together ... outdoors ... something that hasn't happened since June. The weather wasn't good for Josh to climb a mountain and I decided to take a break from the swim/bike/run craziness. Saturday, we headed to Boulder Canyon to rock climb. The weather was fantastic and we found a nice area with many climbs in our (or more accurately, my) ability level. The rest of the weekend was spent carving pumpkins, taking jello shots (while carving pumpkins), and assembling Halloween costumes. Obviously Josh disliked this time together, as he promptly ran off to Saskatchewan.

Josh trying to find our routes.

Josh climbing

Me rappelling

Pumpkin carving party. The result of pumpkins, knives, and 250 jello shots.

Josh's Cartman pumpkin is on the right. Unfortunately you can't see the chin definition in this picture.

My horrified pumpkin is on the left. Needless to say, neither Josh nor I won any awards for our carving abilities.

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