January 04, 2009

Ashley's Chistmas

This year, my Christmas trip to Oregon was spent entirely in Corvallis. This wasn't exactly the plan, but snow storms kept me from heading to Portland. I am not going to complain because this gave me more time to play with my niece, Anna. I also did some family time, visiting old friends, trail running, and lots of eating, including American Dream pizza - twice!

The family Christmas photo. Anna found many things more exciting than the camera. We have a couple pictures of her playing with my hair.

We did some book reading.

I tried to get Anna excited about playing the piano.

My dad (aka Grandpa) entertains Anna by mimicking her.

Moss. Josh always says he really misses moss - we don't have any here in Colorado. I got a new camera for Christmas and it is small enough to not be too much of a hassle to carry while running. This is at the end of the trip after all the snow melted. I did quite a few runs in 4 inches of snow - I thought I left Colorado to get away from that stuff.

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Molly said...

I LOVE Goodnight Moon!! Those are some great shots. What a cute kiddo ;)