January 14, 2009

Joseph of Nazareth

That's right, I'm a carpenter.

I recently completed my first major, self-directed wood working project. The goal of the project was to build a bed in the back of the 4-Runner capable of storing stuff underneath and sleeping on top. This is much like Keith's Tacoma, but with added complexities of a somewhat irregular shape to work with.

Design Criteria and Limitations:

1) The back portion needed to be self-sustaining (i.e., I need to be able to remove the front portion over the seats in order to use the seats while leaving the back intact).
2) The front portion needed to be split, allowing me to remove one side or both sides, thus allowing one or both of the rear seats to be utilized.
3) In any of the configurations, I needed to be able to sleep on it without suffering collapse.
4) My tools consisted of a cordless drill and a skill saw.

I began with a very nerdy three-dimensional design in AutoCAD. After approximating the interior shape and size of the back of the 4-Runner, I built my truck rack in virtual space.

This was intended to be more conceptual in nature, allowing me to build it in one attempt and minimize the amount of construction materials I needed to purchase.

In about 1.5 days of work, I believe I've accomplished all my objectives (I laid down on it without catastrophe). I've included a materials list on the off chance that anyone reads this and decides to pursue similar ideas of grandeur.


4x8 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood
4x4 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood
1x1x48 inch board
Miscellaneous screws
6 cam-latches

And now, what you've all been waiting for, photos of the finished product! I think my Granddad would have been proud.


frontrangeriffraff said...

Nice work. You sleep test it yet? Thinking about building a similar bed for my Xterra.


Molly said...

Are you going to sleep on those handles? That looks like it will hurt your back. Awesome box design though, that is so rad it makes me want a vehicle again. Just so i can sleep in it :)