June 28, 2009

Adams with Adams

I've always wanted to climb a mountain with the same name as one of my climbing partners. Check that one off the list, as I successfully summitted Mt. Adams with Jake Adams. Jake, Will, and I skied the standard South Side route on Mt. Adams a few days after Dad and I climbed Mt. Hood. We only had to hike about a mile from the car before we could start skiing, and I was able to ski all the way to the summit and back! On the first day, we got a late start and set up camp at about 7,000 feet. The following day we skied up to the top and all the way back to the car. Much of the route is comprised of a steepness that pretty much maximizes the hold of a pair of climbing skins, which made for some fun and challenging skinning.

Will charging up to camp on the first day

Billy (We met Billy late in the first day. After setting up camp, we hiked up our route for about 1,500 feet to get some turns in, and Billy decided to join us.)

Marching up towards the false summit

Jake on the Summit at 12,281 feet (his highest summit to date!)

Chilling out about 10 feet below the summit (We got real fortunate with the weather, being above the clouds in an unsettled weather system.)

Mt. Rainier from the Summit

Jake Carving some Corn

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