July 06, 2009

Mt. St. Helens

The day after the "Adams with Adams" trip, Will, Jake, and I met up with my Dad to climb Mt. St. Helens. We generally followed the standard Monitor Ridge route with some of us skinning up adjacent to the rocky ridge. Once again, Dad displayed his prowess as a 56-year-old stud by cruising up to the top.

Skinning up

Approaching the crater rim with Dad

At the top we were above the clouds and had some pretty sweet views of the surrounding volcanoes (Rainier, Adams, and Hood), not to mention into the crater of St. Helens. At one point while hanging out on the top, the ground started to shake in mild earthquake style. This made me quite nervous, but it soon stopped and the mountain was still there.

After a round of PBR's on the top and several photos, we started down. Will, Jake, and I carried skis and had a super fun ski down. Dad hiked back down the ridge, passing a couple hundred people on their way up.

Summit PBRs

One of the many fun, natural terrain features

Classic Cascade Corn Snow!

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