January 03, 2010

Skiing, Holidays, etc.

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in almost a month! I've been skiing a bit and attending the standard holiday parties. I'm even trying to teach myself to fix simple things on my car, like replacing the spark plugs.

Back in mid December, Ava, Jake, and I had a planned 7-day ski trip in the Three Sisters Wilderness turn into a soggy 2-day epic followed by a trip to Cougar Hot Springs. Then there were a few ski trips to Hood: some with Dad (who recently got an AT setup!), some with Ava, and some with Keith and Jake. The one day I couldn't find anyone to go with me I skinned up to the Hogsback on Mt. Hood and skied down from there.

Jake and Keith skinning up for a second lap in the vicinity of Barlow Pass on Mt. Hood.

Mt. Hood the day I went up to the Hogsback

Keith and I on the edge of White River Canyon

I spent New Years Eve in Portland with Keith, Jake, Phil, Molly, Ava, and Becca. We had an awesome pasta feed and got drunk at Molly's house prior to going out somewhere on Burnside.

Happy 2010!

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