January 31, 2010

Stevens Pass Backcountry

It appears my recent public bitching in the blog world about the bad snow in the Pacific Northwest was worth it. Ava and I went out yesterday with her parents, Rick and Nancy, to the Stevens Pass backcountry and experienced the best snow I've seen all year. With about a foot of new a week ago and 3 recent inches on top of that, I was reminded of what skiing in Oregon and Washington is supposed to be like.

On top of the great conditions, we found a new and wonderful place to make backcountry turns - complete with lots of fun terrain features. And on top of that we were lucky enough to be accompanied by Ava's parents, who rented snowshoes and did a wonderful job following us up and over hill and dale. Special thanks to Nancy for doing an excellent job as designated photographer.

Lots of fun bumps to hop off of on this northwest aspect

Happy Hollidays!


Nancy Holliday said...

thanks for a great day of snow and leadership.
Nice jumping!!!!

Keith Pearen said...

What happened to the photo jacket?