February 05, 2010

Red Mountain

I finally managed to meet up with another jobless climber/ski bum through the UW Climbing Club, so Craig and I promptly headed for the hills. With a questionable weather forecast but stable avy conditions, we opted for a trip that was relatively close to home and more ski oriented than climb oriented.

The Approach

Booting up the south side of Red Mountain

From the top of Snowqualmie Pass, we skied northwest to Red Mountain. We bootpacked up the last 1,000 vertical feet or so before arriving at the top in more or less of a whiteout. The wind dictated a hasty retreat from the top, so as soon as we could get our skis back on our feet we were off. I was told that a ski descent from the summit proper would be dicey, but it turned out to be pretty straight forward (40 ish degrees at the steepest).

Craig's GPS provided this image of our route

Craig and I both had a great time and I'm sure we'll be engaging in more mid-week tomfoolery in the near future.

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