January 08, 2012

Powder in the North Cascades

Prior to starting my new job (tomorrow morning, as I type this), Ava and I got away for a long weekend.  We were planning to road trip to somewhere like Montana or Wyoming, but the complete lack of snow throughout the lower 48 made this unreasonable.  Conveniently, the only place with a decent snow pack as well as a promising weather forecast was the Mt. Baker area in northern Washington.

We ended up spending three nights in the town of Sumas (seven blocks from Canada), skiing at the resort on Thursday and hitting up the backcountry on Friday and Saturday.  When we returned home on Sunday, we read that there was 19 inches of fresh snow over the three days that we were out.  All we knew at the time was that the skiing was incredible!

Ava shredding the gnar

Yahoo pow pow!!!

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