November 01, 2005

Gummy Bear and Saucer Boy

This last weekend was almost completely wasted away working on my thesis project. I did manage to escape on Friday night to go to a halloween party with Ashley and some of her friends. I've attached a couple pictures below with relevant explanations.

A modified Saucer Boy scoping out the scene. For those who don't know, Saucer Boy is a wild and crazy character played by Shane McConkey in my favorite ski movies.

Ashley the Gummy Bear playing the paper bag game. Paper bag game rules: stand on one foot, bend down, pick up paper bag in teeth. After everyone has gone, an inch or two is cut off and the whole process starts anew. This becomes exceedingly difficult when a) wearing tele boots, and b) noticing that half the boxed wine is gone before you even begin. I suppose the gummy bear might need some clarification. To avoid a repeat of the "purple bear" costume a few years ago, a dozen gum wrappers were attached to the front of the costume, instantly turning the purple bear into a "gummy" bear.

(See box wine note from caption above)


Keith said...

Paper bag game looks like a good class activity for my Korean students.

Jason and Kelly said...

We did the paper bag game at the dojo's kid halloween party, good times. You can't be the same thing every year Josh, lazy bastard!

Jason and Kelly said...

It looks like this year's Saucer Boy was lacking a little. Where is the pink jacket?