January 04, 2006

6 Days and Counting

I completed the first draft of my thesis a few days ago. I sent it to my advisor, made most of the changes he recommended, and I'll be sending it to the rest of my thesis committee today. I'm about 1/4 of the way through creating my PowerPoint slides for my presentation. Despite all this, I was able to take some time off (a whole day) and ski into the Arestua Hut, a backcountry ski hut that is about 5 miles from the local ski area. I logged it's location with my new GPS, so now I can try to get there from the top of the ski lift, which should make the trip considerably shorter. The day before that, Ashley and I tried to go skiing at the resort. We made one run, a nice powder run at that, and then they shut the lift down indefinitely due to wind. In about a week I should start having more exciting blog posts as I plan to take some time off before starting work, wherever that may be.

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Molly said...

Nice work bro! way to get the first draft in with six days to spare... you rock. i'm at pacific city right now. comfortably watching the surf from the brew pub window. just kidding, i'm in the coffee shop across the street... but check for a posting, i'm trying to put a video up of the surf. Isn't our mom so cool for giving us nifty gadgets for christmas that we can play with??!!