January 23, 2006

Ski, Bike, Chicken Butt Cooker

Nothing too exciting to report. Went skiing a couple times this week. Great powder day on Friday. Been doing a little mountian biking to get in shape. Plans to do a winter ascent of Quandary Peak, the most popular winter 14er in Colorado, as soon as there's a good weather window. Used my chicken butt cooker with a can of Dale's Pale Ale last night. Ashley was upset that the chicken didn't taste like beer, but it actually turned out great!

On Saturday I went to a trad climbers party. I knew they guy who was throwing it from my summer job at Lyman Henn. I'm convinced that the 12 most serious climbers from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs were at this party. They referred to themselves as the Crack Addicts. They all seemed to be familiar with every inch of every crack in the lower 48. The guy who hosted the party had two manufactured adjustable off-width cracks attached to his deck for practicing. I learned a lot just from talking to these guys, and met a couple people who were willing to take me out and teach me a few things. I promised one guy I would teach him to make beer if he tought me how to trad climb. We'll see what happens.

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