January 08, 2006

Snowy Fun

After reading Aron Ralston's book (He's the guy who got pinned by a rock and amputated his arm in order to survive), I've gotten motivated to get in shape so I can be a better ski bum for the next few weeks. Earlier in the week, I skied into the Arestua Hut, located about 5 miles from the Eldora Ski Resort. On Saturday, Ashley and I went up to Eldora where Ashley rented Telemark gear and took lessons. While she was taking lessons, I skied off the backside of the resort and went exploring. I was trying to find the same hut I went to earlier in the week, but from a different angle. I was doing just fine until I was suddenly reminded that Colorado mountains only have snow on one side, the leeward side. The only positive thing that came from my meandering is that I think I know how to get there when I make my second attempt. I also got some good pictures from up high, see Exhibit A (yes, too much thesis writing is wearing on me).

So that was Saturday. Notice the bluebird day in the picture. On Sunday Ashley and I went to do some skiing/snowshoeing in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. We expected a nice sunny day skiing on two week old snow, but were pleasantly surprised to find 8 inches of fresh snow. We eventually made our way to the fanciest ski hut I'd ever been to. The hut is maintained by the Colorado Mountain Club - Boulder Chapter, and there were about 15 of them there at the time. The snow continued to fall heavily the whole time we were there. Overall, it was about a 10 mile loop.

After such an excursion, our standard routine is to stop at the Nepalese Restaurant in Nederland. Upon parking the car, I couldn't resist taking this picture of two Chocolate Labs in the front seat of a neighboring vehicle. We think the big one was teaching the little one how to drive. The picture just doesn't do it justice.

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